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A Look Back at Ultraman Canada 2011

On February 1, 2012 invitations were emailed out to 35 out of 75 applicants for this year’s addition of Ultraman Canada, which takes place the first weekend of August in Penticton, British Columbia.

Ultraman is a three-day, 320-mile triathlon that offers no prize money, little media coverage, and no podium. Each athlete, first place to last place is treated the same. Just finishing in Canada qualifies the athlete for a shot at the World Ultraman Championship in Hawaii.

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Mastering Your Triathlon Transition

In the course of a triathlon, there are two particular segments where free time can be had en route to your next personal-best without any additional training. It doesn’t even require purchasing a disc wheel, aero helmet, or any other speed enhancing item. Rather, I’m referring to mastering the art of transitions: our friends T1 and T2.

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Abu Dhabi International Triathlon Race Report

On the 3rd of March, I opened my season at the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon. For those unfamiliar with the race, it’s kind of a modified iron-distance race and goes as follows: 3k swim, 200k bike, and 20k run. The event is only in its third year, but draws a world-class field rarely assembled outside of Kona. That’s likely due to the unique distance, which is easier to recover from, and the generous prize purse. There’s even money up for grabs for the top amateurs in their respective age-groups. So, if you fancy an early season race and would rather not destroy your legs running a marathon, look into Abu Dhabi.

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The Keys to Planning a Successful Triathlon Season

As the new year is upon us, it’s really time to start planning for races in 2012, and that also means prioritizing races into A,B, and C categories.  It’s great to start the season with an A race, maybe 2 if they are far apart, and thus a big goal that everything else you decide will feed into.

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Race Day Checklist: Be Prepared for Your Triathlon


Whether your next triathlon is local or far away, you certainly want to make sure you bring all your race essentials. Making a checklist is important, not only for organization, but also to outline your race gear and mental preparation. This article will provide a basic checklist for your race items, that you can easily print out and cross-off as you pack. USA Triathlon also has a great race day checklist in an easy PDF format.

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3 Tips to Plan Your Next Race Season

As the holiday season approaches and the training year winds down, a common topic among endurance athletes is what the next year’s training and race schedule is going to look like. It's fitting that us triathletes discuss our potential schedules during the most gluttonous months of the year. Perhaps the seasonal food is our early season motivation!

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