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Rocktape for Triathletes


Regardless of how much you may stretch, massage, and/or warm-up prior to a workout or race, little nagging injuries or "issues" seem to surface from time to time. More often than not, they are nothing more than a brief inconvenience. Usually, such minor injuries are the result of a muscular imbalance or something not firing just as it should. Whatever the case, training and racing can still go on as if nothing were of issue without any compromise in terms of performance. The remedy? RockTape, a type of kinesiotape.

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The Benefits of TRX Training for Triathletes


One of the hottest new fitness trends, not just for triathletes, but for the everyday exerciser as well is the TRX training system.  More and more people are growing interested in what this type of workout has to bring to your training program and are adding a few sessions per week to their overall training regime.

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Wetsuit 101: Finding the Right Fit

Being that the swim is daunting in and of itself for most triathletes, finding the right wetsuit shouldn't be. A good, proper fitting wetsuit should feel like a second skin. It should also help you swim faster! The differences between most triathlon-specific wetsuits is minuscule, however, the fit and flexibility can, and usually will, vary greatly.

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