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Maintain Your Triathlon Training While On The Road

Keeping up your fitness and training during travel can be difficult at times. Especially if you travel frequently for work or even during a week-long family vacation. While training at home, you have a routine, your training partners, gym, schedule and/or triathlon team. When you travel, it’s as if you’re confined to hotel gyms and don’t have any of your usual conveniences or resources. Personally, I find it frustrating and stressful when my normal training schedule is interrupted.

However, there are a few options to explore better training while on the road to help keep your workouts and fitness on track with your training schedule.

Running Groups

Local running shops commonly have group runs at scheduled times throughout the week. For instance, here in my hometown of Bend, Oregon, my two favorite running stores, Fleet Feet Sports and Foot Zone, both have group runs at various times throughout the week and weekend. Most running stores will have group runs at convenient times for the work-a-day world, including mornings, after work and/or over the weekends, as well.

In advance of your travel, look up some local running stores and either call or check their websites for group training run information. Some require minimal fees while others are simply free.

Running or Cycling Tour Companies

Guided running tours present an excellent option to not only see the city, be guided on some of the best routes within that city. Typically, these running or cycling tour companies can offer either personalized or small group tours. You’ll also most commonly see these tour companies within larger cities, such as New York City, Boston or San Francisco for example.

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City Running Tours is a great option that has running tours in a variety of cities, including New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Austin and Chicago. City Running Tours offers group runs at multiple times throughout the day that make it convenient to your travel plans.

There are also more localized running tours to most big cities, including San Diego Jogging Tours or RunBoston.

Although it is harder to travel with your bike, check in with local cycling shops to get the skinny on any group cycling tours or workouts.

Local Triathlon Clubs

Contacting local triathlon clubs to the area you’re traveling can be a great way not only to get a workout in, but also meet new triathletes. I will generally look up triathlon clubs in the area and contact them to see if I can piggyback on any group runs or swim workouts (and of course, offer to pay necessary fees so as not to take advantage of their clientele, services or facilities). Typically, you’ll find that most teams are inviting and if they have any group workouts are more than happy to have a fellow triathlete tag along.

Another benefit to joining a new team for a workout can be a different perspective on training or new, fresh workouts. If you’re traveling to a specific location often, connecting with a local triathlon club will help create new relationships you can regularly count on to join for workouts.

Gyms or Athletic Clubs

Instead of a hotel gym, another option is to pay for a day pass or week pass at another local gym or athletic club. Sometimes, day passes will range from anywhere between $6-12/day and can well be worth it knowing you’ll get a great swim workout in or have more amenities for any strength or weight training workout.

In Oregon, many of the athletic clubs here have "sister clubs" where if you're a member at one, you can workout at another for free or a minimal rate. This is particularly convenient if I were to be traveling within the state where there are other similar athletic clubs available.

If you’re worried about a swim workout, looking into a local YMCA or swim facility is another option. In big cities, there are many options readily available, it’s just finding a gym with a pool or a stand alone aquatics facility.

Sometimes training while traveling can add some extra stress, but with a little planning and creativity, finding convenient workout options and facilities can actually be easier than you think. That is unless you’re traveling to a deserted island or the middle of nowhere...