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Ironman Training Plans


20-Week 140.6 Ironman Training Plan

First Time

Hours per week :6-14


Hours per week :8-18

3800m Swim / 180km Cycle / 42km Run


Ironguides 20-week Ironman Training Plan provides you efficient, result-producing training for athletes from first-time Ironman participants to seasoned Age Group winners! The ironguides 20-week Ironman Triathlon Training Manual provides all the information you need to successfully prepare for your next (or first!) Ironman Triathlon.

The Ironguides Ironman training plan includes:

  • Detailed descriptions of each training day of your program
  • Periodization to ensure the athlete is 100% ready for race day
  • Instructions for proper rest and rest days
  • Instructions for plan adaptation, if needed
  • Instructions for plan adaptation, if needed
  • The secrets of Triathlon, our popular eBook about our training methodology
  • Access to ironguides forum for support and clarification of doubts
  • Discounts on purchases from our sponsor products

Endurance Nation

12, 20 or 40-Week 140.6 Ironman Triathlon Training Plans

All Levels

Hours per week :8-12

Beginner and Advanced - Gold, Silver and Platinum Levels

12 Weeks Starting at $249

20 Weeks Starting at $349

40 Weeks Season Plan $679

Ironman Training Plans for Real People

Endurance Nation been coaching Ironman for over a decade, with more than 3,000 IM finishers in the books. You will not find a more detailed, realistic Ironman training plan. Get ready for your first, prepare to crush your return shot, or aim for Kona!

Every 140.6 Ironman training plan includes:

  • Season planning guidance
  • Pace, power & heart rate guidance
  • Recovery workouts
  • Endurance Nation swim eBook with beginner, intermediate and advanced swim guidance
  • Online resource access, including six-months access to the Training Plan Support Wiki
  • Facebook/Twitter support
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Ironman Training Plans

20- or 40-Week Ironman Triathlon Training Plans for All Levels Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced