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Injury Training and Recovery for Triathletes

Given the repetitive nature of triathlon training, it’s not terribly uncommon that over-use injuries come about. In the event such an injury arises, training can still proceed without a hitch as long as you’re open and honest with yourself about how you feel; there are times to push through the pain (e.g. muscle fatigue in a race) and others times where you’re better off calling it quits for the day. Training with an injury definitely falls into a gray area and is open to debate, but the following suggestions should keep you on track for your next event.

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Triathlon Warm-Up: Dry-Land Exercises

Warming-up prior to a race, let alone a training session, is incredibly important. After all, if your muscles are not warm and loose, it should come as no surprise that the subsequent performance will not measure up to par. Not to mention proper warm-up is necessary for injury prevention tactics. However, there are the races that don’t allow for warm-up swimming for one reason or another; the Ironman 70.3 Oceanside and Escape from Alcatraz are good examples.

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Combating IT Band Syndrome

One of the most annoying and aggravating injuries that you might experience throughout your training can be Iliotibial (IT) Band Syndrome.

This injury has the potential to take you out of your training entirely, so it’s vital that you learn the steps you need to take to combat it, so that you can continue to train pain-free and particularly, run pain-free.

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