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Increase Your Swim Fitness with Broken Swim Sets

One of the best ways to increase overall speed in any event is to break up your swim sessions into smaller units and add rest between those sets.  Doing this allows the body a small recovery period before performing the work load again and thus will allow for longer stretches of time at or above threshold during the course of the workout.  These swim sets are designed for the pool, but similar sets exist for runners and bikes too.

2000 meter swim with 2 x broken 500s

200 easy warm up

6 x 50 alternate kick / swim (rest :30)

Broken 500 as 5 x 100 at 90% (rest :15)

Target is to push the 100’s at tempo effort with 15 second rests after each 100.  When finished with 5 sets, subtract 1 minute for the rest time and you have your 500 time.

6 x 50 alternate drill / swim (rest :30)

Broken 500 as 5 x 100 at 94% (rest :15)

Same focus here, only threshold efforts on the 100s.

200 easy cool down

Broken swim sets can be anywhere from 100 meters to 4,000 meters and help with breaking up the long sets into easier segments to get your mind around.  For example, 8x 500 on :15 rest still may not sound like fun, but it is likely easier to get into (and to count) than a straight 4,000 meter swim.