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The Benefits of TRX Training for Triathletes


One of the hottest new fitness trends, not just for triathletes, but for the everyday exerciser as well is the TRX training system.  More and more people are growing interested in what this type of workout has to bring to your training program and are adding a few sessions per week to their overall training regime.

If you have not considered the TRX system before, now might just be the time to do so.  Let’s have a look at four of the main benefits that you’ll get from this form of training, as they apply to your triathlon performance.

Low Level Of Impact

One of the greatest things about the TRX training system is the fact that it’s a very low impact form of strength training.  As you go about your regular triathlon training program, you’re going to be suffering from a high amount of repetitive motions that can place great strain on the body.  This will be especially the case if you’re doing a fair amount of run training especially.

To help reduce some of the stress on the joints, you want to keep all other forms of activity you do low-impact in nature, which is precisely what the TRX system will bring you.

This will help to reduce the risk that you suffer an injury as you go about your training, while still making sure you’re able to gain some good muscle strength.

Dramatically Enhanced Core Strength

Speaking of muscle strength, that’s the next big benefit of the TRX system.  The TRX training system is ideal if you want to boost the level of core strength you have, which is important for maintaining a proper spinal column alignment as you go about your training sessions.

Those with poor core strength may experience lower back pain with all the run training involved in triathlon, so taking some time to improve this element of your fitness level will be well worth your time investment.

During any suspension training workouts, the TRX training system is going to recruit muscle fibers deep within the abdominal core with each and every movement that you do.

Improved Balance And Agility

Moving along, balance and agility are two additional components of your fitness level that can be improved upon with regular TRX training. 

Suspension training is going to require a much higher level of balance than traditional weight lifting movements, so this will then transfer over to your triathlon performance, helping you feel more stabilized as you go about each section of the race.

Many people do struggle slightly when first beginning TRX training as they aren’t used to the action patterns required by the TRX system, so be patient with yourself while your body learns this.

Make sure that you stay on top of using good form, even if takes multiple tries to perform one rep of a given exercise.

Increased Muscular Endurance

Finally, the last benefit that you’ll receive from including suspension training in your training routine is improved muscular endurance.  Since you aren’t using as much external weight with the TRX training system, you’re often going to be utilizing a higher rep range with the exercises you’re doing, which will help to increase your muscle’s ability to withstand fatigue.

This is especially beneficial for those who are hard at work with their triathlon training as muscular endurance is a huge element of race success.

With all these muscular and fitness benefits, TRX training is definitely an exercise worth a try.  If nothing else, this will at least be one of the most enjoyable and fun workouts that you’ve done in a while.

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